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    Intelligent Q&A

    Hello, after 25 years in the business, it is always a pleasure to answer safety questions in skateboarding, longboarding. I particularly enjoy the intelligent, funny. questions of course. ( real funny is rare)

    So in how to reduce speed in Lonboarding, I must say that falling is one way to slow down - maybe not the best but it is guaranteed to work.

    For more Q&A write to info@bannedskateshop.com

    Redlands Skate Park, July 2018

    Redlands Skate Park, July 2018

    The city of Redlands is home to a sizable population of people who enjoy skateboarding. Anyone who lives here is aware of the fact that we haven't had a suitable location to skate for years. However, all of that is going to change this coming year. The Redlands skate park is fully funded and currently under construction after an extensive 11 years since its approval back in 2006. 

    The park will be located in Sylvan Park near the University of Redlands and is estimated to be a whopping 15,000 sq. foot build. The entire project will cost approximately $1,000,000 to complete.

    “With various things that came along that got in the way, ability to staff the effort, it took a while, but we’ve gotten there,” Harrison quoted. “That was reinvigorated after the start in 2006 by the efforts starting in 2015 by the Friends of Redlands Skatepark to really push this forward and get it over the hump so we can get it accomplished.” Said Councilman Jon Harrison, who was mayor when the project was originally approved in 2006.

    The ground breaking ceremony took place earlier this month on Monday, July 9 at the location of the park. The skate park will accommodate skateboarders, scooter riders, bicyclists, and wheel chairs. January of 2019 is when the facility is predicted to open.

    It is safe to say that many people will enjoy the park when it opens, myself included. Skaters of all ages should be looking forward to such a monumental occasion. There will finally be a place where skaters and scooter riders alike can enjoy themselves and have a safe place to ride.

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    Courtesy artist rendering, California Skate Parks