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    Skateboard Lessons

    Skateboard Lessons

    Banned Skate Shop has been pushing for a Skate Park in Redlands over 20 years. Here kids have a voice. Let the kids skate!






    Schedule you sessions today!

    Our skate lessons are unconventional yet make no mistake. They are very effective when you select the recommended 8 sessions.

    (1) intro class, what does it achieve?

    You will have a feel about our classes, learn the basics, verify the quality of our instructors).We will learn about your current skills,  what is needed, and also learn what areas need focus.

    Here you can bring your  own music to play during your session, if  you think it will help your advancement.

    We are happy to answer any questions. Call us for times and availability.

    Classes are 45MIN. sessions.

    Lessons (classes) are by appointment. Schedule a class


    M-F 3PM - 7PM

    Sunday ( Call to Schedule)

    Saturday - Closed

    You will learn

    On flat:
    -shove it
    added bonus
    - Casper flip
    - big spin
    On rail:
    -rail tap
    -willie grind
    On mini ramp:
    - how to pump
    -rock to fakie
    -drop in
    -how to build there skateboard, for if and when they need to fix a part or get a new part.
    -how to grip boards
    * Sorry no refunds on sessions
    *Enthusiasm, ability and results vary. While we'll do our best. No guarantee of skateboarding proficiency is promised or implied.