LOADED Chubby Unicorn Blood Slayer (deck/complete)


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A monstrous reincarnation of the classic Chubby Unicorn longboard skateboard. The Blood Slayer boasts rocker, wide W concave, functional wheel well flares, nose and tail kicks, and a plethora of magical technology to create an ergonomic platform for downhill destruction and freeride/freestyle fury.


Length: 42.25" / 107.3 cm
Width: 9.75" / 24.8 cm
Wheelbase (inner hole): 28.25" / 71.76 cm
Profile: rocker
Weight (deck only): 4.9 lbs / 2.2 kg


FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Symmetrical shape and twin kicktails encourage switch riding and a multitude of tricks and slides. Recessed, angled truck mounts lower ride height, increase stability, and preserve truck steering geometry.

CURVACEOUS CONFIDENCE – Rockered profile cradles your feet for locked-in slides. Tall, wide W concave runs throughout the entire standing platform, providing strong lateral support for sliding and cornering. Wheel well flares increase wheel clearance and create ergonomic transitions for your feet. CNC-routed grab rails shave weight and enhance grip for predrifts and grab tricks.

DAMP AND DURABLE – The pre-milled basswood core is reinforced with a protective, vibration-damping urethane sidewall and truck mounting inserts then sandwiched between fiberglass skins for lightweight stiffness and strength. A UHMW base provides vibration damping and protects against abrasion and moisture.