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Loaded Dervish Sama (Flex 2) Complete


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The Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard is a super fun board for cruising, carving, and freeriding. It has a pretty fair amount of flex that can be customized further with the multiple flex options that Loaded offers (1-3). When you set it up with a nice turny truck it is fun for flowing down hills, doing big carves, and doing a ton of different types of slides. Due to the flex it isn’t going to perform the best at high speeds but for moderate speeds the Loaded Dervish Sama is one of the most fun boards out there. We especially loved the kicktails for popping shove-its and no complies!


Dervish Sama (Flex 2) Complete - Paris 180mm 50° Silver, 75mm In Heat 80a Orange

    The Loaded Dervish Sama has all the things you love about its predecessor with a few new twists that make it yet again an amazing board. The Dervish Sama is a fun and flexy longboardboard that will give you an awesome surfy feel. It is half an inch wider than the original Dervish because Loaded added some concave to the Dervish Sama. As a result, your feet will lock in comfortably on the standing platform. The length and wheelbase are nice and long which, in longboarding, will provide for added stability at higher speeds. The Dervish Sama is a drop-through platform board. With drop-through boards you sit closer to the ground, adding stability and making pushing a breeze!

    The Loaded Dervish Sama also has dual kick-tails! The nose and tail of the board are longer than the original Dervish and turn up . Loaded wanted the Dervish Sama to remain current in the world of longboard freeriding. Dual kick-tails give the rider even more leverage over their boards to perform all sorts of fun new tricks. To make the nose and tail more durable and responsive Loaded added extra fiberglass reinforcements that span from the neck to the tip. They also used a more coarse griptape on the nose and tail than they do on the standing platform of the deck. This will add to your overall control when you are flipping your Dervish Sama around!

    To allow you to completely customize the feel of your ride, Loaded gave the Dervish Sama multiple flex options with their own unique flex patterns. In order for flexible boards to remain fun, functional, and effective they need to have a good amount of camber to counter the flex so that you won’t bottom out when you ride. It also gives the board more power when you are pumping and carving. The Dervish Sama now features a third flex pattern that was not seen in the original Dervish. A softer longboard will give you more control and provide for easier sliding and turning at lower speeds. However, if you want to try your hand at a little speed, you will need a stiffer board that will provide more stability. See below for flex option recommendations.

    We are so hyped about the Dervish Sama that we we wanted to talk to one of the masterminds behind its creation. 

    Here is the interview did with Danny Carper, Head of Product Development at Loaded Longboards.

    What is your job at Loaded?
    DC: I was brought on board last July to spearhead product development.  My job can involve many things throughout the day which I realized quickly is a shared trait of everyone here – a culture of renaissance people.   Everyone tends to have a focus, but is actively involved in the development of what we put out there.  I am the guy that curates and digitally inputs/designs our ideas.

    What was your role in developing the Loaded Dervish Sama?
    DC: Organizing, designing, sharing, testing, listening, communicating, and witnessing.  My role was managing the input from our team and assuring the intentions of this board which was then developed on my superior Commodore 64 (when I had time to pull away from The Oregon Trail).  

    Why is it called the Sama and what does it mean?  Was it inspired by your Mama? Or a llama? Or Barack Obama’s Mama?  I could go on…
    DC: We kicked around a number of different names before deciding on Sama, but felt that keeping the “Dervish” namesake with the addition of “Sama” heightened the spiritual sensibility the board was intended for.  The Sama is a Sufi ceremony that represents the spiritual journey through man’s mind and love.  At this ceremony, whirling Dervishes dance to celebrate overcoming one’s ego and the maturation process.
    My mama loves the drama behind llama’s riding Samas.  Meow Barack Obama’s mama, I can’t really speak for her.

    What’s the thought process behind the design of the Sama?
    DC: We put a lot of consideration into this.  On one hand, the OG Dervish was a great foundation board for us at Loaded, on the other; we felt it could be improved upon.  Our design intentions are always focused on not allowing ourselves, our minds, and our products to stagnate – to constantly question how to move forward.