Skateboard Lesson at BANNED (1) Session

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Precio habitual $ 45.00

Give the gift of Skill!

Enjoy this start up lesson but remember!

(1) intro class session, what does it achieve?

(Purchase 8 SESSIONS and get a cool BANNED® Skate University t-shirt)

With one sessions, you will have a feel about our classes, learn the basics, verify the quality of our instructors.

Also our instructor will assess your current skills, and what is needed. Also learn what areas will need special attention.

What one session will not do: Skateboarding required practice. Yes, hours and hours. One sessions will not provide the required practice time or skill set.

Even after all the sessions, you will be required to practice to maintain your sharp skills.

Ready for more classes? Select (7) more to win a cool BANNED® Skate University T-shirt. A nice souvenir to remember years from now.

Read more detail about our program: 

Here you can bring your  own music to play during your session, if  you think it will help your advancement.

1) Purchase lesson bellow and proceed to checkout;

Once you purchase this lesson

2) Call the store to schedule the class and best time. We provide lessons by appointment. 909 793 7070.

3)Mention In Store staff you have purchased and paid for the session. They will verify it and schedule a day and time best for you.

*We offer no refund on class sessions. Our instructors are well paid and every student is different:

Enthusiasm, ability and results vary. While we'll do our best. No guarantee of skateboarding proficiency is promised or implied.

Even after all the sessions, you will be required to practice, keep skating to maintain your sharp skills.

Parents are required to sign a liability waver.